Wafa’a Akl

The Founder


D. PSc Wafa’a Akl is the founder of Macrobiotic Academy-USA. She is a certified macrobiotic counselor and educator. Her macrobiotic journey started with one of the most elite macrobiotic practitioners David and Cynthia Briscoe. She is a certified cupping therapist for over 6 years. Shiatsu massage therapist and Reiki master.

She realized that her job is not to teach more than teaching what people needs. She studied nutrition program at Stanford and UC Cal, then decided to address that in a proper way, she decided to take her passion to the next level: professional training so she enrolled herself in macrobiotic counselor program and cupping therapy Diploma. Living her passion excelled her personal and professional growth in many ways; she is thrilled to be successful and believe that good positive supported spirits are infectious and wants to pass this passion on with the attention and support that she receives.
Her previous experience as a collage teacher, the teaching career has been geared toward empowerment of people’s mind. Through the course of her career in the states and in the Middle East, she have had a wonderful opportunities to teach and council diverse groups of people. As a result she become proficient at designing creative health plans tailored to fit and meet their diverse needs and keep in connection with everyday life style. Furthermore, follow up calls keeping them energized and powered to reach their health goals.
She believes that every soul deserves to be treated with love and care, and she is here to help everyone to improve health and aim for the well-being of all humanity. She hopes that she can reach out to all the community and pass her extensive knowledge of food, cooking and nutrition to put your health on the right path that you deserve. Her intention is to guide, educate and inspire you.

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