• Macrobiotic Academy established in 2007

    First introduced macrobiotics and macrobiotic community in 2005. Tried the healthy balanced meals and started creating some foundation 2007 took first courses of macrobiotics and established the academy. Tried to mix between modern dishes and the authentic well balanced dishes.

  • 2008

    Started lecturing on Contra Costa public libraries about healthy eating and how to create balance within the meal and help work that serve the health condition of the individuals. 2009 joined the holistic mom group and counseling, teaching in the study home and online .In addition to catering.

  • 2009- 2010

    Moved to Egypt in a journey of expansion aiming to compare healthy habits and the real authentic meals and meal preparation in the Middle East. Lecturing, counseling, teaching about Macrobiotic and cupping therapy ( Hijama). Lectures and workshops held in Modern Schools of Cairo and sport clubs and private health club. We were able to reach the rehab centers and give training to the medical staff.

  • 2010-2011

    Macrobiotic Academy started new sessions designed for kids in alliance with First 5 community center in California called “Play with Your Food”. To spread the awareness of the importance of educating toddlers and parents in pairs. Fun and hands-on are the basics of these series.

  • 2012- Current

    The Academy thrives to introduce a new diploma in complementary alternative medicine course of  Hijama “Cupping Therapy” and “Become a Macrobiotic Counselor”.

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