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Join us and choose from the service presented below and learn how the natural approach of macrobiotics can lead to health and healing.
People from all over the world have adapted macrobiotics style of life and experienced greater health and happiness. With Macrobiotic Approach, thousands of people have successfully overcome illness and achieved health to the fullness.
Hijama (Cupping) Therapy Counselor Training Information

• The course is flexible which you do on your own pace and at a time that you decide.
• The duration of the course is open but usually it is based on 6 month study.
• It includes online meets and media materials.
• Live in touch base through a secure account assigned for you.
• Certificate of completion.


Course Details

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Cupping therapy (Hijama) session

Book your private appointment today and receive 25%off of your first cupping session. To learn more about cupping and its benefits, click here.  To decide between wet (Hijama) or dry requires a pre-visit conversation.

please print sign and bring it with you to the appointment


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Sushi Party

One of the academy most popular courses. You will get to learn how to prepare rice, , vegetables, and fish a long with different sauces and innovative presentation. Prepare your favorite dish and be your best medicine.

Make your favorite dish be your best medicine. Certificate of completion

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The Big Picture Part 1

A 5 day course that helps you implement a healthy macrobiotic plan in your life. This course is highly recommended for big inbred who are planning to follow Macrobiotics to support recovery from serious illness, or those who want a quick start to optimize their health. In this course you will:
• discover the healing properties of many food.
• learn the best cooking methods for most used food items and better taste too.
• Health and vitality.
• Yin and yang theory.
• Acid alkaline and how to make balance.
• You will even learn how to make guilt free dessert.
• Certificate of completion.

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The Big Picture Part 2

• go beyond basics of macrobiotic cooking and home economics.
• Seasonal cooking varieties.
•make your own, steamed bread, ume boshi and other condiments.
• Delicious meals that fits your busy schedule.
• Cook your favorite dish using macrobiotic way.
• Booklet of macrobiotic delicious recipes.
• Certificate of completion.

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Play with Your Food

A high demand series that creates a fun and safe environment. This is all what parents are looking for. The series designed for parents who are having picky eaters.  In this course you will:
• hands on along with your child and have fun making healthy choices.
• learn how to rethink your child first food.
•tools and tips for parents to make healthy snacks.
• help choose and try variety of healthy veggies and whole grain items.
• take home delicious dishes make by your child.
• certificate of completion

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Health 101 Consultation

A private consultation. Looking for taking your health into a next level! This consultation is designed to provide you with the tools and tips to on how to use food instead of medicine whether you are relatively healthy or having health problems. Schedule an appointment.

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Organize your Kitchen

1 day class helps you to organize your kitchen for easy and quick access to all your items and materials inside the kitchen. It does not matter how big or small your cooking area is, you will get the tips on how to deal with the space. Best way to store some kinds of vegetables, snacks, condiments, and kitchen utensils for a fast and stress free cooking time. You will learn how to manage and prepare your shopping list and have healthy kitchen for a healthy you.

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Sea Vegetable Class

Whether you want a soothing soup for a cold day, a great party dish to bring to a potluck, or a snack , or something nourishing and delicious to make for your family dinner.  This class is designed to give you the basics and the nature of each sea vegetable used and best way to cook it and how to combine it with your meal.

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