Hijama therapist Training Course

Module 1 Introduction To Hijama
Unit 1 Disclaimer
Unit 2 Early roots of Hijama healing theory
Unit 3 Hijama: Islamic Practice In the eye of sunnah
Unit 4 Modern view on hijama and for the greater health of today's world
Unit 5 Quiz 1
Module 2 Cupping (Hijama) Healing Theory
Unit 1 Meaning of the term Hijama
Unit 2 Diffenet kinds of Cupping Therapy
Unit 3 Hijama: The general concept
Unit 4 Quality of Blood
Unit 5 Natural Balance "Yin and Yang"
Unit 6 Yin and Yang are Relevant to Modern Business
Unit 7 Quiz No.2
Module 3 Anatomy and Physiology
Unit 1 Functional organization of human Body
Unit 2 Blood cell production
Unit 3 Blood facts, functions and Composition
Unit 4 Blood Quality and Acid and Alkaline Base Balance
Unit 5 Diagrams of Bones and Muscles names and discretions
Unit 6 Homeostasis and the Human Body
Unit 7 Metabolic Health
Unit 8 Quiz No3
Module 4 Oriental Diagnosis
Unit 1 Structural Constitution and Condition
Unit 2 Oriental Diagnosis
Unit 3 What Your Body Reveals
Unit 4 Emotional Health
Unit 5 Let Your Body Talk Bioenergetic
Unit 6 Meaning and Diagnosis "Kikuo Chishima"
Unit 7 Quiz No 4
Module 5 Journey Of Practice
Unit 1 Cupping A prophetical medicine appears in its new scientific perspective
Unit 2 new scientific perspective Videos
Unit 3 Quiz No 5
Module 6 Hijama Basics and Beyond
Unit 1 Precautions and contraindications of cupping (Hijama)
Unit 2 Hijama Therapy Side Effects
Unit 3 Pre/post care of Hijama
Unit 4 How to Stop Bleeding
Unit 5 When Is Hijama is Best Performed?
Unit 6 Can Hijama be performed on the reproductive organs?
Unit 7 Hijama Sunna Points
Unit 8 What Are the Hijama Point Locations?
Unit 9 The Ethics of the cupper towards the clients
Unit 10 The Ethics of the cupper towards The Hijama therapy
Unit 11 Quiz No 6
Module 7 Hijama and Different health conditions
There are no units in this module.
Module 8 The journey of practice
There are no units in this module.
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