Who we are?

Macrobiotic Academy-USA provides macrobiotic service which is a whole food approach for healthy living and free will.
At Macrobiotic Academy-USA, we provide educational and counseling health services that allow everyone to experience and examine his knowledge and learning the macrobiotic principles bringing it into daily life. Using a simple technique and previous preparation to reach your goals.

You will also learn how to adapt cooking into your daily busy schedule and turning your dishes to work towards your optimum health in a very unique delicious way. Mastering the methods and techniques of macrobiotic cooking, are keys to creativity and innovative healthy happy you.

We thrived to be the first in our area to provide the cupping therapy session (Hijama therapy) as complementary holistic approach that goes hand in hand with the philosophy of the academy. In addition to, giving a diploma course that is perfect if you are passionate enough and want to take it as a future career.

Managing what to eat and using the art of culinary and contemporary method of preparation into your diet plan, is our main goal. We are proud to present easy steps on campus or online that allows our client to get the knowledge needed for optimum health.

At Macrobiotic Academy-USA, Counseling and teaching are our strength. We offer a traditional principles of macrobiotic with the best new ideas. We provide a peaceful relaxing counseling sessions and a friendly classroom environment, where every patient is valued as individual and any suggestion or comment for future development are welcome and are taken seriously. Above all we want to inspire in patients the love of macrobiotic life style that will sustain them throughout their life.

Macrobiotic Academy-USA is very aware of the challenge of consonant change and we respond to the wishes of our clients by offering integrated service based on relevance to modern syllabus.

Macrobiotic Academy-USA looks forward with great anticipation to serve you with the many ways in which we can make a significant contribution to your health.

Our Vision

Our missionOur vision
Our mission
The Academy values vitality and health and spread the message of knowledge and wisdom of the power of food through our high standard counseling, sessions, and courses.
Macrobiotic Academy-U.S.A. follows 5 major steps to promote healthy lifestyle, increase awareness of other complementary treatment of cupping therapy.
Our vision
Macrobiotic Academy-U.S.A. believes that we are the expression of earth, and of life not only separate individuals.




Wafa’a AklD. PSc the founder of Macrobiotic Academy-USA. She is a certified macrobiotic counselor and educator. Her macrobiotic journey started with one of the most elite macrobiotic practitioners David and Cynthia Briscoe.

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